Arch. Control Request Form

Please use one of the forms below to request approvals and return to Steve Carmichall at He may be contacted by phone at 719-332-6225.

Online fillable form (link will open an online fillable form which may be filled out and returned online). Steps:

  1. Fill out online form 
  2. Select: Print to pdf
  3. Save to your computer 
  4. Compose new email to:
  5. Attach your saved pdf to the email
  6. Send

A printable copy may be downloaded HERE.


The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) oversees all changes to properties, including natural and manmade. This includes, but is not limited to, landscaping features such as trees, shrubs, rock; color and composition features such as house/trim color and roof; structural additions and changes such as driveway expansion, fences, flag poles, building additions, house numbers, mailboxes/posts, play sets, trampolines, exterior lighting (other than customary fixtures). Please note that dog runs/fencing are not permitted without express approval of the ACC. Questions, review and approval regarding your plans can be obtained by contacting Steve Carmichall by phone at 719-332-6225 or email at

It is the responsibility of the property owner to obtain required city permits for project, such as decking, additions, roofing, etc. The HOA does not assume any liability where permits are required. Property owners should ensure their project contractors have obtained the required permits before the project begins. 

Please note that non-homeowner occupied residences (rentals) are required to comply with ALL covenants including parking and yard maintenance. Nearly 20% of MOHA homes are now rental properties, and their upkeep and condition contribute to the overall appearance of the neighborhood. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to make sure renters are fully informed of RULES, Covenants, and Policies and are in compliance.