Board / Officers 2019

President - Steve Carmichall  719-332-6225

Vice President - Vince DeSandro  719-659-0331

Treasurer - Jill Mohler  719-358-7263

SecretaryCeleste Fitzpatrick  719-205-1778

Member-at-Large - Dave Luken 719-930-8729   Dave is a new member-at-large for the BOD and will manage our relationship with Firewise. He will attend meetings and coordinate our wildfire mitigation efforts and chipping program with Ashley, as well as the annual report for hours and any property owner costs expended for mitigation.

Member-at-Large - Kimberly Koessel 517-449-7447   Kimberly is a  new member-at-large for the BOD and will lead a signage and logo contest for the Mountain Oaks neighborhood to brand our fencing and stationary we use for correspondence. The winner will receive $100. Wtch for more information on the MOHA website/....