Neighborhood Garage Sale 2020

Hello MOHA Homeowner

We had our first MOHA neighborhood yard sale summer 2019. We are surveying homeowners to learn if you would like to have a neighborhood garage sale in 2020.

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1)   Would you like to see a MOHA neighborhood yard sale in summer 2020?

Yes No
2)   If Yes, what month is best?

3)   Would you sell items if there were a yard sale?

Yes No
4)   If we have a neighborhood yard sale, would you prefer each household to sell items from their yard, or would you prefer a central location where homeowners could set up tables (e.g., in the upper Odessa loop or Langley loop if we could get city permission)?

5)   If we have a neighborhood yard sale, what do you suggest for the duration?

6)   Did you have a yard sale in the 2019 MOHA neighborhood sale?

Yes No
7)   Did you buy any item(s) from your neighbors in the 2019 neighborhood yard sale?

Yes No
8)   If there were a neighborhood sale, where should it be advertised?